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The DJEEP guarantee

1. 100% of Djeep lighters are produced in our “state of the art” ISO 9001 factory in FRANCE.

2. All lighters are  ISO 9994 certified.

3. Djeep undergoes more than 110 individual quality control steps, more than any other lighter.

4. Djeep is at the forefront of disposable lighter innovation and technology.

5. In its modern and high-tech Safety Lab, continual pre and post testing and analysis is made to ensure a safe lighter for its customers.

6. Djeep  stands by its dedication to Safety-Quality-Reliability.

7. Certifications worldwide such as ISO 9001 (International), ISO 9994 (International), Canadian Hazardous (Canada), Polish norm, GS(Germany), ASTM F400 (U.S.), ANCE (Mexico), SG (Japan), PCT (Russia).

8.  All packaging conforms to European and other International regulations for specific shipping lighters : ADR (road transport), RID (rail transport), ADNR (transport by waterway), IMDG (maritime transport), OACI (air transport).

9. Rated number  #1  for its customer service.

10.  Large thumb plate, Lifetime Spark wheel, and Adjustable Flame.

11.  Triple tank, guarantee up to 3 500 lights.

12.  The Djeep Child Resistant lighter, easy to use and  conforms to the EN 13869, U.S., and others.
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