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The consumer safety is of the highest priority for DJEEP. For that reason, DJEEP developed its own controls in order to exceed the ISO 9994, the largest safety standard for lighters in the world.
DJEEP conforms with other international safety standards, for example :

  • The ASTM F400 (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • The GS, (German standard)
  • EN ISO 9994
  • EN ISO 13869

The child resistance standard ISO 13869 : DJEEP controls perfectly the manufacturing of child resistant lighters in countries where regulations demand this type of security (European Union, Canada, USA ...).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION : Djeep will continue to educate and warn retailers of the risks and dangers of stocking and selling lighters which do not comply with the norms in each country.

examples of what the ISO 9994 and ISO 13869 say :

djeep resistance to internal pressure

Resistance to internal pressure :

The DJEEP lighter has a very high resistance to internal pressure : thanks to its triple tank and to its body which is made of DELRIN ®, a resin well known for its exceptional mechanical characteristics.
DELRIN® is made by Dupont de Nemours International.

djeep height of the flame

flame height

The ISO 9994 imposes a maximum flame height. The standard setting of a DJEEP is much less than ISO standard.
This standard setting can be adapted to a specific need by turning the rotation wheel.

djeep child resistance

Child resistance

A child resistant lighter cannot be lit by 85% of children aged less than 51 months .
No lighter is child proof.
We do insist that our consumers use our lighters correctly and follow our warning attentively, especially the one stipulating «KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN».

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