The process consists in printing your design on our new holographic medium to create distinctive and eye-catching graphics.

The reflective silvery surface, boosts your design and brand image instantly, a look that consumers associate with high quality and innovation.

You can use our 2 holographic patterns to create exciting designs in a wide variety of colors, with full holographic backgrounds, or just selective areas.

holographik© KALEIDOSCOPE pattern :


holographik© SHIMMER pattern :



HOLOGRAPHIK© is fully compatible with all of our other decoration options.

Please note that HOLOGRAPHIK© works very well with the GLOSSY finishing. The effect is more subtil with the MATT finishing and is neutralized with our DJEEP SOFT TOUCH© finishing. In case you absolutely want to use the DJEEP SOFT TOUCH© finishing, you have to add the GLOSSY & MATT MIX option over the parts that you want to see with the HOLOGRAPHIK©.

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