QR Code


The QR Code is a barcode where you can get encoded informations (text, URL, telephone number).
It can be read by camera phones equipped with the appropriate reader. Printed on DJEEP lighters, it allows the person who is taking a picture of it to be redirected to :

  1. a website
  2. a phone number
  3. a text message to be sent to a phone number
    For example, i-nigma is one of the QR CODE readers available on the market. You can download i-nigma from: Apple App Store, Android Market or WindowsPhone Marketplace.
    Some of the most recent mobile phones detect automatically a QR CODE when using the camera.

The program/site is to be developed by you.


It is an easy way to reach a website from a mobile phone. It creates interactivity between a real object, the DJEEP lighter and the Internet world.

It increases your website traffic and can help you gain the loyalty of prospects.



When launching a new product, you can give out a DJEEP lighter and it's QR Code will transfer to a website where this new product is explained in detail.

Launch the QR code reader and scan the following code :

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