Resin chip


The resin chip is an extraordinary option which puts volume to your logo. It catches the eye and makes people want to touch it.
It really gives a third dimension and a nice touch to your logo


The resin chip must have a basic geometrical shape such as a circle, oval, square, etc...

Sharp corners cannot be produced. All the shapes you create must have 2 mm rounded corners.

4 color process or solid color printing.

The resin chip can be placed on a full wrap sticker as well as on a leather wrap or metal sleeve, on front or back side of the lighter.

Maximum width is 20 mm for the DJEEP size and 17 mm for the DJEEP Jr size. Minimum size is 8 mm for both DJEEP or DJEEP Jr model.

If the height is more than 20 mm, RESIN CHIP becomes BIG RESIN CHIP. Technical specifications remain the same.


The resin chip can be placed on the flat surface of the lighters, as shown on the below illustrations.


DjEEP jr

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